Visual Maps

View high resolution, georeferenced visual maps of your survey area.

3D Models

Detailed and accurate 3D models of the survey area.


Simply click a polygon to measure volume, area and length.


Accurate digital elevation profiles and contour maps of your survey area.


We provide a range of tools and features to make the lives of surveyors much easier


Create polygons for calculating lengths, areas and volumes - and save these for future reference. Our measurements use a dense point cloud to ensure every part of your model is taken into account. Import and export polygons in shapefile or kml format for use in 3rd party software.

Cross sections

Create cross sections of models to view elevation profiles and track changes over time.

GPS markers and notes

Place GPS markers with annotated text to make notes at points of interest. Export these annotations in shapefile or kml format for use in your reports.

Export data

Export digital elevation models in Geotiff format for use in 3rd party GIS software. Choose the grid reolution to export.