AeroView is an interactive web application which allows you to upload, analyse and view your data all in one place.


Get a bird's eye view of your farm like you've never seen it before. Our data helps you make proactive management decisions to reduce risk, detect problems early and improve yield.

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Our aerial survey data and tools save you time and money over using traditional surveying techniques. We generate dense point clouds to ensure accurate elevation and volumetric data.

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Drone Platform

Phantom 4 with Sequoia

Platform description

The DJI range is the most advanced and reliable drone system on the market. From takeoff to landing, this drone flies completely autonomously. The Sequoia is a multispectral camera with discrete spectral bands and a sunlight sensor to allow for accurate, calibrated data collection.


Flight Time:

25 min

Mapping Area:



Return-to-home on low battery or signal loss


16MP visual and 1.2MP multispectral sensors built in