Aerobotics provides farmers and insurers with an end-to-end solution to lower the current high costs of crop insurance and provide accurate and useful data on a regular basis. To achieve this, drones are used to fly periodically over an insured farm, gathering multiple data-sets which are automatically uploaded and analysed to provide useful data to both insurer and farmer. Insurers are finally able to assess their risk based on real data, enabling premium flexibility, claims accuracy and lowered re-insurance rates. Farmers can manage their farm based on accurate data not previously available, allowing them to target resource usage, reduce waste and reduce risk.

Crop Health


Weather Data


We provide a range of tools and features to make the lives of crop insurers much easier

Claim Assessment

With our precision claims dashboard, we help improve the accuracy of claims and eliminate fraud. We use before and after imagery to give you the facts about a claim including the severity of the damage, the predicted yield impact and automatic validation of the weather event cited as the cause.

Mid-Season Assessments

Our mid-season dashboard gives insurers data to make better decisions about reserves and helps reduce high monitoring costs. These dashboards present metrics that display how farmers are doing.

Farm Management Tool

Offering our farm management tool to insured clients, gives farmers the insights to maximise yields and detect problems early - reducing total claims