We are looking to expand our team!

If you have any of the following skills we would love to hear from you:

Full-Stack Dev

Our web application AeroView is permanently under development with new features being added regularly. We are looking for developers who are interested in mobile and web app design and software architecture.

Data Processing

Processing of data and pipeline architecture is the fundamental core of all analytics at Aerobotics. This requires continual careful design and structuring to optimize speed, efficiency and accuracy.

Data Analytics

Data science and analytics plays a crucial role in the backend software behind AeroView. Monitoring crops, trees and yields over time is invaluable to consultants and farmers. The role involves using techniques such as machine learning and image processing.


We are looking for agronomists to help take our agricultural analytics even further. The role would include interfacing with industry specialists to help guide the tech in the right direction.


Weekly activities

At Aerobotics we are constantly having fun! Weekly activities involve soccer, drinks and lunches.

Flexible hours and holidays

Being a startup company, we don’t do 8-5, we believe in a work/life balance, we work and play hard!

Stimulating environment

Learning new things everyday as a result of being surrounded by bright and vibrant individuals.

Jobs matter

You spend almost half your life working. Aerobotics is a stimulating, fun and exciting environment to work in!

Think outside the box... So you know a thing or two about coding? Great! Contact me directly - nic@aerobotics.co.za