Visual Maps

Get a high-resolution, birds eye view of your crops like you've never seen before.

Plant Health

Monitor vegetation stress on your farm using our NDVI plant health maps.

Per-Tree Data

Monitor and track stress levels and other key metrics of individual trees.


View contour maps of your farm to get drainage and run-off information.


We provide actionable, relevant data for farmers through advanced analytics

Orchard statistics

Get statistics of your orchard, such as canopy cover, tree counts, tree spacing and more.

Measurement tools

Measure lengths, areas and volumes using the measurement tools in AeroView. Take cross sections to view elevation profiles and crop heights.

GPS markers and notes

Place GPS markers with annotated text to make notes at points of interest. Export these annotations in shapefile or kml format for use in your reports.

Chat feature coming soon!

Service providers and clients will be able to interact using our chat platform. Share data such as annotations or polygons to point directly to issues and help establish exactly what is going on.