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Our precision agriculture system is a management tool based on observing, measuring and responding to crop stress. This provides farmers with actionable intelligence through multispectral, aerial imaging, assisting in yield improvement through early problem identification.

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Our survey tools are developed based on photogrammetry; using a combination of aerial photography and ground control points to build 3-D point clounds up to 2cm accuracy. Drone-based surveys save both time and money compared to traditional methods.

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Our crop insurance product uses our drone-analytics platform to bring accuracy and efficiency to industry. We bring value to both insurers and farmers, using our farm management tool to help farmers reduce risk and give insurers better insight into insured assets.

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How it works

Fly your drone

Collect your data by flying your drone or requesting an Aerobotics partner to fly for you. Our flight planning app makes autonomous data collection effortless.

Easy upload

Connect to your drone through AeroView and upload your data. We will handle all the data processing!

View and analyse

Your processed data is automatically loaded into your AeroView account. Here you can interact with and analyse your data to help make proactive management decisions.